Growing up in the East Bay in the 1990s helped me develop my love for dance music. Radio at the time came out of San Francisco, and the city was on the cutting-edge of the hottest music – generally electronic dance-pop out of Europe and remixes of top 40 songs. I’d always been particularly interested in the concept of the remix, where you could take a song that’s already out, put a faster beat to it, and change it into a new song. When I first began producing music on a workstation back when I was in middle school, I began with remixes. Once I found confidence in my arrangement skills in my remixes, I began writing my own music. My early output was instrumental, influenced heavily by ethereal wave, digital funk and other experimental sounds, which the technology of the day was perfectly suited to produce. However, as the technology progressed, and as my tastes changed, my work started to take on a more pronounced pop approach. In October of 2012, I put out the song “Fall,” co-written and co-produced by my friend Air3s, and the rest is history. I released three albums over the last eight years – “Before & After” in 2013, “Supernature” in 2015, and “Photographs” in 2017. Currently, while in lockdown, I put out a free mixtape called “four songs…” which is made up of four songs I wrote and recorded since “Photographs” dropped in 2017, and I’m currently working on my fourth album. I write mostly about the many complexities of human relationships, either from my own experiences or I draw on experiences of others. A good pop lyric tells a story in three minutes, and a good pop production sets up the stage for the storyteller. The lockdown has forced me to slow down and given me the space to be as introspective as I need to, go back and listen to my old work, and see how I want to progress musically without repeating things I did in the past. I’ve also found the time to learn new techniques and new places I can go with my voice.

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