As a Designer and a Craftsman, my work focuses on creating unique domestic objects that seek to explore the dichotomy of aesthetic, technique and production that lie between industrial design and studio craft.

This quarantine has been a bit of a double edged sword for me. While it has thrown a major wrench into my adult life causing me to regress (literally having to move back into my parent basement), it has also allowed me a lot of time to work on projects that I would otherwise not have. So far I’ve been able to complete my half of a collaboration with ceramicist David Morrison, in which he made a whiskey set that would accompany a turned wooden serving tray of my making. We started this collaboration months ago and I feel good about delivering on my half of the project. The quarantine has also allowed me time to work on a set of side tables and lamps that are supposed to be in a show for the Salt lake Cities design week in October.