Having just graduated film school from LAFS I would say that this lockdown really could not have picked a worse time to show its ugly head.  I’ve seen friends and family across the country be affected, but I think it really has messed with filmmakers more than most creative mediums.  For instance, if I was a painter, I could sit at home and create piece after piece like I had before (taking income and exhibitions out of the equation) I know a lot of artists wither they draw or paint currently that have enjoyed not being bothered.  Making a film is different though, you need a crew to do it properly.  To help pass the time my closest friends and I created a virtual horror convention “Sinister Cyber Con” and put together a weekend of interviews with filmmakers, actors and had artist demonstrations.  Our goal was to put together an entertaining, fun filled weekend, and the event had high praise. Now, I will work more on films as the lockdown restrictions start to loosen and hopefully we all can get back to work.