During this time when the world is affected by covid-19 my art practice has seen change. What is changing is the fuel or inspiration. I’m still pretty new to art and I definitely feel like it because when people ask me what kind of art I make or what my art is about I freeze. It is a bit of this, and a bit of that. A little abstract at times and maybe surrealist? That’s what I used to say and if asked today I would probably say something similar, but now I feel like I actually have a grasp of what my art is and what makes me want to keep making it. A reason why I am so sure of what makes me tick is because being at home almost 24/7 has encouraged me to walk outside more. 

It is on these walks that I find encouragement and fuel to make art. Maybe it is the isolation or my innate nature now being realized during this time, but I just get a strong feeling to get out of the house. I do not start with a plan for the walk, I just go outside and start walking towards the pretty flowers and colors. I have been enamored by all the color and overlooked areas in my small town of Oakdale. And the flowers are blooming! This burst of color fuels me to make art and more now than ever I have been recognizing that the things I do throughout the day fuel my art practice. I have started drawing and painting self-portraits and they are helping me understand more about myself as I move from the ordinary full frontal view to more complex compositions charged with color.