Growing up in a home of nick nacks and culture from past family members, certain items have always interested and sometimes concerned me. What is the importance of some of the items? Why are they on display? What do these things say about myself and my family?

This is my investigation into this items and the spaces we’ve shared over time. My work usually deals with ephemerality and memory, and I create series that reinvent moments in time dealing with nostalgia and how we as a culture try to recreate moments and relive past experiences to extend the life of our singular experiences, in which we do not want to let go. I use these moments as ways to connect with people, inviting viewers to interact with my work divorcing the memories from their original intent to create new moments in time in which we can cherish.

During the Shelter in place, and social distancing due to the pandemic, I have looked at my immediate surrounds things I typically ignore or disregard, and I am using this moment, and this time to document my roots of nostalgia and past experiences that my work has stemmed from. The collection of moments my family has saved over time, the things they have begun to cherish, and the reason why these ideals and relics of my past have not only influenced the way I create work but the history and heritage of my family that they carry with them.

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